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The ESRF synchrotron leases the most advanced equipment allowing industrial and research organizations to perform their atomic scale experiments.

The CRG-IF BM32 beamline is specialized in studying interfaces and surfaces at air or under ultra high vacuum by X-ray scattering techniques.

This beamline is dedicated to a team composed of scientists from the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS).


The joint CEA-CNRS team used a 20 years old diffractometer to study nano structures on surfaces during their growth. They chose SYMETRIE to provide a more powerful machine. The new diffractometer performs 2 main functions :

Sample positioning: The sample is adjusted on the beam trajectory and can move around 6 degrees of freedom, thanks to a BREVA hexapod, to adjust the angle of incidence of the beam.

Detector positioning: To gather the diffracted X-rays characterizing the crystallographic structure of the sample, a detector moves freely on a spherical surface around the sample.


Easy access to the UHV chamber
Arm detector angular speed: 20°/s
Sphere of confusion sample: 50 µm
Sphere of confusion detector: 100 µm
BREVA hexapod resolution: 1 µm, 0.001°

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