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Our expertise in hexapods allows
our team to provide you
a turnkey solution.



A wide range of the most advanced hexapods to
help you positioning a payload of a few grams
to several tons with the best guarantees
of stiffness and accuracy

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Gala ambassadeurs EN

Ambassadors’ gala

| Meetings, News | No Comments

La Tribune organizes the “Gala des Ambassadeurs d’Occitanie“, where SYMETRIE is nominated in the “Industrial Challenge” category.

NAOS: new compact controller

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Symetrie introduces a new compact controller for its small precision positioning hexapods called NAOS, allowing to control the hexapods BORA and PUNA.

La tribune

Special Prize La Tribune Space Forum

| News | No Comments

SYMETRIE won the Jury Special Prize at La Tribune Space Forum, on May 16, 2019, in Toulouse!

Hexapode SIROCCO reportage TF1

Our hexapods on TV!

| News | No Comments

On January 20, 2019, the TV channel TF1 broadcasted a report on the simulation equipment available to the French army for training before going into the field.

SYMETRIE-10 antennas

Twelve Symetrie hexapods on NOEMA!

| News | No Comments

Symetrie has been chosen to provide the subreflector positioners for the twelve antennas of the NOEMA radiotelescope located in the French Alps.


New video Diffractometer

| News | No Comments

Discover our new video presenting our high vacuum diffractometer, integrating a BORA and a JORAN hexapods, for the Synchrotron SOLEIL.


New video non-magnetic hexapod

| News | No Comments

Discover the new video presenting our non-magnetic hexapod, allowing to perform experiments on ions trapped with a 2 tesla magnet.

Modèle pour annonce BREVA Vjpg

New video BREVA V

| News, Non classé | No Comments

Discover our new video presenting our BREVA V hexapod (V for velocity), combining dynamics and precision.

non-magnetic Hexapod

New non-magnetic hexapod

| News | No Comments

Symetrie delivered a non-magnetic hexapod for ion trapping experiments to the Quantum Control Laboratory of the University of Sydney in Australia.


Positioning hexapods catalog

| News | No Comments

The latest version of our positioning hexapod catalog can be downloaded!