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“I worked with Symetrie when I was the Sr. Telescope Engineer for the Pan-STARRS project. They delivered us a very nice hexapod system that we successfully deployed on the PS2 telescope. The Pan-STARRS secondary was 0.9-m in diameter and weighed about 55 kg. Symetrie delivered a subassembly that provided us excellent positioning resolution (sub micron). We had some initial software issues in the integration of this unit with our telescope software, but after those teething problems, this unit worked flawlessly. Their pricing was very competitive with the equivalent units from other companies. The quality of their hardware was as good or better. I can tell you from personal experience that the folks at Symetrie were a pleasure to work with and were very responsive to the needs of the Pan-STARRS project.”
Jeff Morgan, M1 Subsystem Lead – GMTO


“During the commissioning of MegaJoule Laser, SYMETRIE hexaglides demonstrated exceptional positioning performance. The confidence in the target position as well as the control software tools specifically developed by SYMETRIE allowed us to save precious time in all the phases of adjustments and acquisition of the system performance.”
N. Buleon, Technical Manager Non Cryogenic Target Holder and Common Reference Holder – CNIM SI


“Packed beds as classical multiphase contactors and reactors are employed in oil and gas industries to treat and refine hydrocarbons extracted from undersea reservoirs. Thanks to the new state-of-the-art NOTUS hexapod robot (from Symetrie, Nimes, France) with six-degree-of-freedom motions including translations (surge, sway, heave) and rotations (roll, pitch, yaw), the hydrodynamic behavior of embarked packed beds on floating platforms such as floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) can be investigated thoroughly and as never before. The hexapod ship motion simulator is able to precisely mimic FPSO motion conditions initiated by marine swells and provides accurate control over a variety of motion scenarii by imposing the motion path via the robot to the reactor.”
Prof. Faïçal Larachi, Department of Chemical Engineering – Laval University


“The excellent collaboration between AMOS and SYMETRIE has been confirmed and reinforced over the years, from the first ground-based telescopes: ARIES (India), Pan-STARRS (Hawaii), OAJ (Spain) to the latest: DAG (Turkey) and Mt ABU (India). Beyond the quality of their products, we appreciate the teams’ commitment to our often very specific needs. They undoubtedly contribute to the increasingly demanding performance of modern astronomical instruments.”
Vincent Moreau, Technology Development Manager – AMOS S.A.

FAME-UHD testimonials

“The new national FAME-UHD instrument dedicated to the measurement of ultra-diluted systems at the European synchrotron ESRF requires a very precise positioning of the whole optical table – sample – detection system (0.1 μm in X, Y, Z) with a total weight of 1.2 tons. The SYMETRIE project team designed, built, assembled and aligned a hexapod based on the standard JORAN model supporting a honeycomb optical table, which is ideal for installing our measurement instrumentation and perfectly meeting our drastic expectations in terms of precision, sensitivity and control. Their professionalism, coupled with their responsiveness and the respect of deadlines, allowed us to offer a very powerful measuring instrument to users of European laboratories, fulfilling all the scientific objectives from its opening.”
Olivier PROUX, Technical manager of the FAME and FAME-UHD national instruments – ESRF