Innovation, Reactivity, Quality

Our vision is to be dedicated to help customers
through a motion world.



Our expertise in hexapods allows
our team to provide you
a turnkey solution.



A wide range of the most advanced hexapods to
help you positioning a payload of a few grams
to several tons with the best guarantees
of stiffness and accuracy

PUNA hexapod

Specialized in high accuracy positioning, SYMETRIE offers a wide range of the most advanced hexapods allowing 6 degrees of freedom.

MISTRAL hexapod

We help you succeed in your dynamic motion projects, allowing you to test objects weighing from a few kg to several tons with up to 2m/s speed and 1g acceleration.


Our engineers stay available to discuss your specific hexapod projects and are committed to finding the best system for your particular application.



NOTUS hexapod at VTT

Our most northerly hexapod

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We delivered our most northerly hexapod! It is in Oulu, Finland, 150 km away from the Arctic Circle. The technical research center VTT will use our dynamic NOTUS hexapod

La Tribune Award

Ambassadors’ gala

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La Tribune organized the “Gala des Ambassadeurs d’Occitanie“, for which SYMETRIE won the prize in the “Industrial Challenge” category.

NAOS: new compact controller

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Symetrie introduces a new compact controller for its small precision positioning hexapods called NAOS, allowing to control the hexapods BORA and PUNA.