Special Prize La Tribune Space Forum

By 6 May 2019News
La tribune

SYMETRIE won the Jury Special Prize at La Tribune Space Forum, on May 16, 2019, in Toulouse!

The main theme for this day was the challenges and prospects of satellite constellations. The keynotes were then followed by the La Tribune Space Forum trophies awarding companies actively working in the space industry.

Here is the complete program of the 2nd edition of La Tribune Space Forum organized by La Tribune magazine:

9:00: Speech and welcome
9h15: Keynote – How to launch them? by Mrs. Luce Fabreguettes (Ariane Espace)
9:30: Round table – How to finance, manufacture and exploit them? in the presence of Mrs. Viktoria Otero del Val (Thales Alenia Space)
10:15: Keynote – How to secure in-orbit infrastructures?
10:30: Keynote – How to clean up space and manage the issue of space debris? by Mr. Juan-Carlos Dolado-Perez (CNES)
10:45: Keynote by Mr. Ludovic Le Moan (Sigfox)
11:00: Presentation of the Jury and presentation of the Space Trophies, including the Special Prize for SYMETRIE!